Movie locations in Uruguay

The other day we talked amongst friends about Uruguay. Its air of being lost in time. True, it is not the open air museum anymore it used to be in the 1990s.
Still it is surprising that this time-travel aspect of Uruguay was internationally never quite well known, not the way Havana de Cuba was famous for its old cars and buildings.
Some places have quite some character and would make cool locations for movie shooting, be it some traditional estancias in the pampa, be it the old town of Montevideo with its derelict turn of the century and art deco architecture.
The more one lives here the more one turns into a hobby location scout.

right : an Estancia 130 km north of Montevideo

below right : Montevideo

estancia de turismo jardin


photos Uruguay main
photos Montevideo
an autumn day on ruta 7
photos from the 1990ís (when vintage cars ruled)
movie set locations (ident.)

Estancias farmland for sale Uruguay
Polo ranch for sale

At home Estancia San Eugenio



some recent movie shootings in Uruguay include

- german ARD TV production "Unter der Sonne Uruguays", kitschy as the photo implies, was shot at Estancia San Pedro de Timote,
- one recent Miami Vice episode was taken at Atlantida, 40 km east of Montevideo, Atlantida acting as Havana de Cuba,
- "El ultimo tren" was a quite nice local production
- "Blindness", an international 2008 production, starring Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Danny Glover, Alice Braga etc, partly shot in the old town of Montevideo. It doesn't show any of the towns nicer parts, though.

movie shootings Uruguay
movie shootings in Uruguay


Gaucho Gorgeous
You may not have known it, there is also something called Gaucho Gorgeous (


Gaucho Movie

and already some 80 years ago, though not shot in Uruguay : Douglas Fairbanks as The Gaucho in 1927

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